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Special Needs Newsletter

January 2021

Courtesy of
Michael Beloff, CFP®, ChSNC®

ABLE Accounts Offer Financial Independence for Beneficiaries Who Can Manage Their Own Money

ABLE accounts are proving to be less of a savings vehicle and more of a game-changer that allows beneficiaries of programs like SSI to pay for their own living expenses and achieve an unprecedented level of independence.


Feds End Protections for Emotional Support Animals on Airlines, Allowing Service Dogs Only

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has finalized regulations that end protections for people seeking to fly with emotional support animals on airlines; only service dogs will be officially allowed on flights.


New Regulations Compromise the Independence of Disability Appeals Judges

The Trump Administration has finalized new regulations that threaten the independence of judges who decide Social Security disability cases.


Couple Accused of Redirecting $500,000 Intended for Person with Disabilities into Their Own Pockets

A New York City couple has been charged with stealing more than $500,000 in monthly payments that a woman with disabilities was supposed to be receiving as part of a settlement.