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Special Needs Newsletter

May 2021

Courtesy of
Michael Beloff, CFP®, ChSNC®

Does Your Child's Special Needs Trust Need a Tune-Up? Probably.

It's easy to throw your special needs trust into a drawer and forget about it. While having a plan in place is a great start, the trust and related documents do need to be maintained.


New Website Offers Disability Community a Trusted Vaccine Resource

A new website helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as their families, and caregivers, sort fact from fiction when it comes to Coved-19 vaccines.


Bill Reintroduced to Greatly Expand Eligibility for ABLE Accounts

More than six million people whose disabilities arose later in life will be able to open ABLE savings accounts if a bill just introduced in Congress, the ABLE Age Adjustment Act, becomes law.


Cities Try to Make 911 a Safe Number to Call for Mental Health Emergencies

Nearly a quarter of police shooting victims are mentally ill, according to one study. Growing outrage over these fatal encounters has spurred a variety of potential remedies.