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Special Needs Newsletter

July 2021

Courtesy of
Michael Beloff, CFP®, ChSNC®

Three Tips When Hiring a Caregiver for a Child with Special Needs

Hiring a caregiver for someone with special needs can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to keep in mind before, during and after the hiring process.


Kafkaesque Nightmare: Thousands of SSI Recipients Accused of Owning Property That Isn't Theirs

Thousands of SSI recipients have been falsely accused of owning real estate because of the Social Security Administration's reliance on a private database that is "riddled with errors," according to a new report.


Social Security Administrations Reopens Its Doors to the Publics - But Only a Crack

The Social Security Administration barred the public from its offices when the Covid-19 pandemic erupted last year. Now people can apply for a brief visit in person - subject to the approval of local SSA officials.


Bill Introduced - Again - To Bring the Supplemental Security Income Program into the 21st Century

The Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act would raise payments to the federal poverty level and adjust income and asset constraints that are denying benefits to legions of people with disabilities and low income senior citizens.