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Special Needs Newsletter

December 2021

Courtesy of
Michael Beloff, CFP®, ChSNC®

What Are a Special Needs Trustee’s Record-Keeping Duties?

If you are considering serving as trustee of a special needs trust, know what is expected of you before taking on this crucial role.


Uber Broke Law by Slapping Wait-Time Surcharge on People With Disabilities, DOJ Charges

Extra fees for passengers who took more than two minutes to get into cars discriminated against people who needed to fold up wheelchairs or required more time to reach vehicles, a lawsuit says.


Hungry for Support: More Likely to Be Food-Insecure, People with Disabilities Have Difficulty Getting Assistance

People with disabilities are more likely to lack adequate nutrition and they find it hard to get nutritional help — or even recognition — from the federal government’s SNAP (food stamp) program.


Supportive Housing Programs Offer Integrated Solutions for People with Mental Disabilities

One of the programs on the cutting edge of community mental health is called "supportive housing," and it incorporates not only housing but social services and medical care as well.