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Special Needs Newsletter

January 2022

Courtesy of
Michael Beloff, CFP®, ChSNC®

ABLE Accounts vs. Special Needs Trusts: Why Not Have It All?

ABLE accounts and special needs trusts can accomplish the same goals, but each has its advantages and limitations.  The best approach, depending on the beneficiary, may be to use them in tandem.


Recipients of Supplemental Security Income Now Have 50 Extra Days to Appeal Benefits Cuts

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is giving people who have their SSI benefits suspended or reduced more time to appeal, in recognition of the hurdles and delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Infrastructure Bill to Make Public Transit More Accessible

The $1.3 trillion infrastructure bill recently signed into law by President Biden will release billions to make more stations ADA-compliant.


SSA Encourages Those on Disability to Work — Until It Doesn’t

The federal government imposes big disability overpayment bills on recipients when it finds they’ve earned too much, prompting some to leave the workforce, according to a study.