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Special Needs Newsletter

April 2022

Courtesy of
Michael Beloff, CFP®, ChSNC®

When Is It OK for an SNT Trustee to Be Compensated?

Busy trustees deserve payment, but there are important guidelines to follow to determine how — and how much — to bill the trust.


The Unwinding: Millions Could Lose Medicaid Coverage When the Pandemic Is Declared Over

While declining COVID-19 cases are good news, the end of the pandemic could mean millions of Medicaid recipients, including millions of children, will lose their coverage.


White House Announces Plan to Help People with Disabilities Navigate Covid-19

The measures follow charges of neglect and a storm of protest at CDC director’s remarks in January.


Colorado Unlawfully Detains People with Disabilities in Nursing Facilities, DOJ Charges

Temporary residency in facilities became permanent when residents were denied information and assistance needed to transition back into the community, in violation of the ADA, the Justice Department has found.