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Special Needs Newsletter

May 2022

Courtesy of
Michael Beloff, CFP®, ChSNC®

SSA Reopens Its Offices While Making It Easier to Apply for SSI Online

The agency’s 1,200-plus offices are open again, but a new online tool for SSI applications means you can avoid the crowds and long lines.


What Can ABLE Account Money Be Spent On?

The list of things you can spend Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) account funds on is long, and keeps growing.


Three Warning Signs That You May Need a Professional Trustee

In some cases a parent or family member can handle the job of trustee of a special needs trust perfectly well, but in other cases the task can simply become overwhelming or create family conflicts.


Medicare Now Covers the Cost of COVID At-Home Tests

If you have Medicare, either through SSDI eligibility or because of age, you can now receive up to eight free rapid at-home Covid-19 tests a month.