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Special Needs Newsletter

January 2023

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Belvedere Wealth Partners

How Trustees of Special Needs Trusts Are Compensated

Payment of trustees usually takes one of two forms: either a flat fee based on a percentage of the trust's assets, or an hourly rate.


ABLE Account Age Adjustment a Bright Spot in Omnibus Passage

The Senate and House have cleared the passage of a year-end $1.7 trillion appropriations bill that will affect people with disabilities on several fronts.


Should My Loved One With Special Needs Use a True Link Card?

A True Link card could save your family member from exploitation and predatory banking practices.


Sole Benefit Trust: Qualify for Medicaid and Aid a Loved One

A sole benefit trust is a helpful estate planning tool if your family has cross-generational support needs. If a senior with more than $2,000 in assets wants to apply for Medicaid - but also wants to provide for a disabled relative - a sole benefit trust may be a good choice.


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