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Special Needs Newsletter

March 2023

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Belvedere Wealth Partners

What Can An SNT Pay For Without Affecting SSI Or Medicaid?

Funds held in a properly drafted special needs trust will not affect a SSI or Medicaid recipient's benefits. However, funds disbursed in a manner that violates SSI or Medicaid rules can impact these benefits.


$25 Million To Help Fund Housing For People With Disabilities.

In January 2023, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced it would award nearly $25 million to help fund housing for people with disabilities.


Better Care Better Jobs Act: Investing In Home Care

The Food and Drug Administration overstepped its authority in banning electric shock devices to curb self-harm and aggressive behavior among students with disabilities, a federal court has ruled.


Could The SSI "In-Kind Income" Definition Change?

A newly proposed rule by the Social Security Administration could ultimately change the way "in-kind income" is defined for recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI).


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