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Special Needs Planning Newsletter

September 2023

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Belvedere Wealth Partners

Mental Illness And Social Security Disability Benefits

Living with mental illness can make gainful employment impossible. For people with certain mental illnesses, the Social Security Administration provides disability benefits through two federal programs.


Transition Plans Support Adolescents With Disabilities

Young adults with disabilities may face numerous barriers when reaching adulthood, from finding employment to securing housing. A transition plan can support a successful shift to adulthood.


Feds Seek To Enhance Rules On Digital Accessibility

Just 3 percent of the web is accessible to people with disabilities today. Digital content not optimized for all users can prove challenging, and often impossible, for some to use.


Should You Hire A Special Education Advocate?

Navigating a school's special education regulations and procedures to ensure children receive necessary services can be demanding, as parents often lack knowledge of applicable laws and the school system.


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