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Special Needs Planning Newsletter

October 2023

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Belvedere Wealth Partners

Building An Estate Plan For Adult Children With Disabilities

The ever-increasing life expectancies of people with disabilities mean that comprehensive special needs planning requires short- and long-term planning.


How ABLE Accounts Can Help Boost Your Financial Health

According to a new report, individuals with disabilities who receive benefits from means-tested programs like SSI and Medicaid are at the most risk for financial ruin after an emergency.


Intellectual And Developmental Disability: What Is An IDD?

Intellectual or developmental disability, known as IDD, affects approximately 7.39 million people in the United States. Typically present at birth or onsetting in childhood, IDDs adversely impact a person's physical, neurological, or emotional development.


Five Reasons To Contact A Special Needs Planner

In case you haven't thought of checking in with your special needs planner in a while, here are five events that should trigger an immediate call to your planner.


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