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Special Needs Planning Newsletter

January 2024

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Belvedere Wealth Partners

Planning for Children and Adult Children with Special Needs

Making plans that address your child's experience while living with physical and cognitive impairments requires careful thought and planning. When looking toward their future, consider your child's ability to make decisions and find the resources they will need.


Do Personal Injury Settlements Affect SSI or SSDI Benefits?

How personal injury settlements affect SSDI or SSI benefits depends on your specific situation. Generally, SSDI won't be affected, but SSI definitely will. Either way, consult a disability attorney for options.


Choosing Trustees For Special Needs Trusts: 5 Considerations

Choosing the right person to serve as trustee of a special needs trust is one of the most important and difficult issues in creating the trust. Here are five considerations to help in the choice of who should serve.


How Gift Cards Could Affect SSI Benefits

Gift cards are popular gifts, but they can cause problems for recipients who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Consider a few things when it comes to purchasing a gift card for a person with special needs who relies on this public benefit.


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