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Special Needs Planning Newsletter

February 2024

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Belvedere Wealth Partners

Lifetime Money Management For Children With Disabilities

Children with disabilities present a unique challenge for parents engaging in estate planning. You'll want to optimize your estate to enhance and enrich assets for your child while maintaining their enrollment in public benefits.


When Should You Consider Changing Your Special Needs Plan’s Key Players?

A good special needs plan involves many key players, including a guardian or supported decision-makers, a health care proxy, an executor, a trustee and possibly a trust protector. It’s a good idea to review these selections on a regular basis, because change is inevitable.


A Parent's Situation Can Shift Child's SSI To SSDI Benefits

Because of their disability, a person receiving SSI may not have worked long enough (or at all) to qualify for SSDI benefits, but may begin receiving SSDI benefits if a parent retires, becomes disabled, or passes away.


Will I Lose My Disability If I Work Part-Time?

By participating in the trial work period (TWP), you can preserve your SSDI benefits while you explore whether returning to work is right for you.


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