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Special Needs Planning Newsletter

May 2024

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Belvedere Wealth Partners

Supplemental Vs. Special Needs Trusts: Any Difference?

You may have heard the terms "special" needs trust and "supplemental" needs trust and wondered what the difference is. The short answer is that there's no difference. Here's the long answer.


Supporting Twice Exceptional (2e) Students

Twice exceptional students are a unique group. They are gifted students with disabilities who typically excel in certain subjects but may struggle or be at grade level in others.


Preventing Guardianship Abuse Of People With Disabilities

For a variety of reasons, people with special needs are more likely to suffer physical, mental and financial abuse than are others. Here are some ways to prevent and recognize abuse.


How AI Is Supporting Assistive Technology

Artificial intelligence is helping those with disabilities overcome challenges to participate more actively in society, education, and the workforce. Government benefits can help people pay for assistive technology.


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